Welcome on the introductionsite of the NijSAC, the Nijmeegse Student Alpine Club. We are a students sport association that specializes in the climbing sport and everything affiliated with the alpine sport. As a member of our association you will be able to attend different courses of advanced climbing techniques that will take you beyond the walls of a normal climbing gym and directly to rock climbing. Furthermore there are a lot of events that we host throughout the year to provide the opportunity to get to know a lot of new people with the same hobby as you have. If you are interested in joining our association or want to take part in one of our introduction activity's send a mail to bestuur@nijsac.nl or secretaris@nijsac.nl See you soon!




Introductionweekend climbingIntroweekendvlag

For members-to-be and other interested people there are going to be three introductionweekends throughout the year; one in spring and two in autumn. The next introductionweekend is from  (not yet determined) . During these weekends you can pick up the climbing sport and make contact with the NijSAC. You can find more information about the what when and where of the weekend under the tab “Introductionweekend”.

You want to come with us on introductionweekend? Register via the aanmeldingsformulier! Don’t wait too long, because there is a limited amount of place to register!


Open Climbing eveningOpenklimavond

On March 31st 2022 NijSAC is organizing an open climbing evening at the Radboud University sports center. We will begin at 20:30 at the outdoor climbing tower. You can climb under supervision of the NijSAC and there are people that you can ask questions about the introduction, the association or climbing in general. All the necessary materials, supervision and entry are organized by the NijSAC. Participation is free. You will need to register your participation in the registration form.


And further…

Other than the introductionweekend there are more activities which aim for members-to-be and other interested. We have a booth at the introductionmarket of the RU and the HAN, you can come rappelling with your introduction group during Radboud Downtown or the HAN towns day and you can come and meet us at the sports day at the climbing tower of the sports center. For more information about the content and the dates of these activities you can take a look at our agenda (link agenda site) on the NijSAC site.

If you are searching for more information about the NijSAC, you can take a look at the NijSAC site. If you have further question or suggestions, you can always make contact with the NijSAC board or with the introductioncommission.