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The dates of the next introductionweekends are noted above. Departure is on Fridays around 18:30 at the sports center and you will return on Sunday around 22:30 in Nijmegen. Fill in the form below to register for the NijSAC introductionweekend.

Who may participate?

Given that the NijSAC is a studentsport association, these weekends are meant for students of the Radboud and the HAN. There may be exceptions for people that are somewhat connected to the RU or the Han, eg. PhD-Students. We want to give as many students as possible the chance to get to know the NijSAC and to climb. Also we give priority to students that haven’t been on an introductionweekend before and are no member of the NijSAC. NijSAC members can go on the normal climbing weekends. Furthermore, the climbing insurance for these weekends requires that all persons that want to participate have to be registered in the Dutch population register and have to live in the Netherlands.

Corona measures

Organizing a climbing weekend for a relatively large number of people is hard due to the ongoing and continually changing situation concerning the Corona pandemic. We are trying to organize these climbing weekends despite the corresponding uncertainty. That is why we are reserving the right to unilaterally cancel a climbing weekend, if and when a country of transit or destination changes their Corona related measures. We try to not make any irretrievable costs before the 16th of September 2021. If on that date it is still not possible to organize the weekend due to the aforementioned measures, we will let you know and refund the complete payment made for your participation. If after this date the weekend must be cancelled, all incurred costs will be charged.

Also because we need to keep the weekends manageable, we require that all participants are fully vaccinated according to the rules set out by The Netherlands and the countries of transit and destination. Proof of this must be available in the form of the Corona App or the so-called Yellow Booklet. Note that for this purpose officially having a test performed periodically is not practical due to the climbing weekend during longer than the validity of these tests. Also during our departure you need to sign a declaration that you are not experiencing any Corona related symptoms at that time.


To finish your registration, you need to submit the money of the weekend in advance.

The bank account is NL07 ABNA 0534491871 (BIC-code: ABNANL2A) with the name NijSAC NIJMEGEN at the ABN-AMRO Bank. Note “Introductionweekend” and your name at the note section. Please submit €115,- 10 days before the start of the introductieweekend.

The information given above will be also given in the confirmation mail which you will receive once you have filled in the registration form below.


Deregister before the last deregistration date per e-mail so you will receive the whole amount back. If you are not on time you will still have to pay any costs that were incurred.

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Twee weken na terugkomst van het introductieweekend verwijderen we alle gegevens; in overeenstemming met de AVG-wetgeving.